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Client Testimonials

Dating In The Military

Being in the military has made it difficult to date. Christina has helped me articulate the ideal partner I’m looking for and how to attract the right person for my situation. I can’t thank her enough! Dating has been way more successful since I’ve started working with her. 



Engaging Conversations

Keeping the momentum going in an app conversation was a real struggle. Chats would die out and then I would get ghosted. Christina taught me how to keep my matches interest and when to transition off of the app. Now, I’m actually meeting people.




Christina has the right personality for the job. She had no problem talking to me about her own experiences which made me feel really comfortable opening up about my dating struggles. She offered great insight to the problems I was experiencing.



Dating Profile Struggles

Christina is so passionate about what she does! I wasn’t getting any matches, so I started lowering my standards which was a waste of time because I didn’t actually want to date the people I was matching with. Together, we redid my whole profile which made me realize how bad mine was before. No wonder I wasn’t attracting my ideal match.



Meeting People Organically

The whole app dating thing just isn’t for me. The way people date has changed so much since I last had to do it. Christina taught me how to meet people organically in the real world, which I’m really enjoying.



Dating During COVID

The possibility of contracting Covid has really stressed me out. I want to date and meet people but I also want to feel safe and relaxed doing so. Through my one on one sessions, I’ve learned how to plan fun dates that put us both at a much lower risk. This has actually really helped my dating game because my dates like that I’m taking their safety into account when planning to meet in person.


New York

Awesome Dating Profile

My profile rocks! It’s attention grabbing and sparks conversations. People are now reaching out to me instead of the other way around. It’s been nice to not always have to make the first move. Thank you Christina!



Building Lasting Memories

I found someone really special and wanted to plan a date that wasn’t like other ones she had been on. Loving the ocean and nature, Christina planed date where we went tide pooling followed by a picnic lunch on the beach. We created a lot of memories together that day. If I had done dinner or drinks like I had been doing, I don’t think that we would have felt as connected by the end of the date as we did. I have a good feeling about this person and think that I might have found the one.



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