You Deserve To Be In Your Ideal Relationship

All sessions are tailored to your individual needs. I’ll work with you every step of the way to finding your perfect partner. Let’s work together on building a skillset that you can apply to any dating situation. Take the first step to finding the one and schedule your free consultation today.

Get More Matches

Are you not getting as many matches as you would like? The more matches you get the higher the chance you'll meet your special person. Let me help you create the profile that will capture the best you, which will increase your odds of matching with the one. Instead of paying for more swipes, let's get you more likely to be swiped on.

Capture Their Interest and Keep It

Do you get a match and then not know what to say? Do your conversations die out quickly? Being able to make a person interested in a conversation and keep their interest will lead to more dates. I can teach you the secret to having quality conversation so that when you ask them to meet in person they feel comfortable saying yes.

Make Your Dates Memorable

Are your go-to dates drinks and or dinner? Everyone is suggesting that which means that your date will not stand out. I'll share my knowledge with your on how to create memorable, unique dates that will make them feel special.

Advice When You Need It

Have you come across times where you're just not sure what to do or what happened with an interaction? Feeling uncertain isn't going to give you the confidence that all matches are looking for. Learn from me how to handle different scenarios and reflect upon past experiences.

Everyone wishes they had a GalPal to run dating advice by. Your GalPal experience will provide you with that female perspective everyone wishes they had. Someone that’s a good listener, easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, and will be honest about what they think and not just tell you what they think you want to hear. Your dating needs are going to be constantly changing; I will help you navigate all aspects of dating.

  • Not sure if your profile is a good representation of yourself and the message you are trying to send
  • Not sure how to start the conversation?
  • Are you struggling with keeping the conversation fresh and continuous?
  • Not sure what they meant by something they said
  • When should you ask for their phone number or to go on a date?
  • Are you having a hard time coming up with a unique first date that will make them feel special?
  • Not sure what to wear
  • After the date, want to talk about it?
  • Not sure if they’re still interested? Not sure how to find out
  • When should you ask them out again?
  • Did you have a great first date and now not sure what to do on your second date?

Let me be your GalPal, because let’s face it, dating is better when you have someone to talk to about it.​